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The German Institution of Arbitration (DIS) offers, in addition to administrated arbitration, numerous supplementary procedural rules for alternative dispute resolution. These rules are available below in different languages.

DIS-Arbitration Rules 98
German, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, Arab

DIS-Supplementary Rules for Expedited Proceedings 08 (SREP)
German, English, Russian, French

DIS-Supplementary Rules for Corporate Law Disputes 09 (SRCoLD)
German, English

UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules - Administered by the DIS

DIS-Guidelines for the Reimbursement of Arbitrators Expenses 05
German, English, Spanish, Russian

DIS Conflict Management Rules (CMR)
German, English

DIS-Conciliation Rules 02 (ConR)
German, English

DIS Mediation Rules (MedR)
German, English

DIS Rules on Expert Determination (EDR)
German, English

DIS Rules on Expertise (ER)
German, English

DIS Rules on Adjudication (AR)
German, English

DIS-Sports Arbitration Rules 2016

DIS-Sports Arbitration Rules 08

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